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December 29, 2001

I'm Back

After a great Christmas at home with the family, I'm now back in Waterloo. This Christmas was very utilitarian: I mostly asked for stuff I really needed (like a winter coat and an umbrella), and the stuff I didn't really need isn't really fun (rice cooker, computer speakers). That's ok, I'm happy with my haul this year.

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December 18, 2001

Now What?

A stack dog-eared books with highlighted pages, sheets of hand-written notes scattered across the floor, and of course, empty beer bottles all litter my room. Exams are over. I feel like a whore and the University of Waterloo was my john, who beat me up, then angrily threw money at me when he was spent.

But I still have to wait to see if I passed all those courses... maybe after all that screwing, the john "forgot" to pay me after all.

So now what? Now that studying is done, I have so much free time, I don't know what to do with it all. I guess I should start my Christmas shopping. Only one week left before Christmas... d'oh.

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December 17, 2001

Exams Are Over!

Ha ha! Exams are finally over this term after 2 weeks of being completely stressed out. I had two separate nightmares about missing/failing exams, and I don't want to ever be that stressed out again.

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December 15, 2001

What The World Needs Now

Welcome to Chris Lyon's Weblog! After 3 exams, 1 hard drive crash, and 2 operating system installations I finally got this page up. It's still a work in progress, so don't email me telling me that some of the pages aren't finished, I already know.

So what is this site all about? It's a place for me to rant and rave about my everyday life, let other people find out what I'm up to, but most of all, it's here to make me feel important.

Check back often! I update this site whenever I have something to say, and believe me, I always have something to say.

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By Cracker

What the world needs now is another [weblog] like I need a hole in my head.

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