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April 14, 2004

One Year

Today marked my one year anniversary at Microsoft. As is the custom, I provided candy for the team, but instead of the traditional one pound for every year there, I left a kilogram (I never got the hang of the Imperial measurement system). I think some people were suspicious that I was trying to cheat them, until they found out that 1 kg is just over 2 pounds.

In my year on the CLR Team, I've learned a lot. I am now extremely comfortable with C#, and .NET in general, my knowledge of Garbage Collector technology has gone from almost zero to a good understanding of the different algorithms. I'm having a great time and hope to keep it up.

It's also been a year since I moved to the US. Seattle is a great place to live, and I've met some great friends (and even managed to make some enemies...) I'm looking forward to my next year in a new neighbourhood and another year at Microsoft.

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