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November 23, 2004

Perhaps An Explanation Is Required

Apparently I'm not as funny as I think I am. In fact, I appear to be just plain crass and confusing sometimes. Take my last blog entry where I implied my friend Mark abandoned his would-be bride at the altar, then in an apparent act of total insensitivity, portrayed her as a monkey.

You see, ever since I met Mark, he loved monkeys. He would laugh at their simian hijinks, and ponder the possibility of actually owning one. It soon became a running joke that he would one day marry a bonobo monkey, and in honour of his wedding, I included said blog entry.

Hm, it seems a lot less funny now that I've explained it to death. I guess I sometimes forget how unfunny inside jokes are to 99% of my readers...

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... and also unfunny to the 1% of those who actually know what you are talking about, Monkey Boy! :)

Posted by: mark at November 29, 2004 8:33 AM

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