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March 15, 2005

Office Shuffle

After nearly two years in the same office, I was moved across the hall over the weekend. My new office is about 10 metres closer to the washrooms which is nice, since my old office was in the furthest possible location from the men's room. This meant a mini-marathon whenever I needed to go (and also prompting Shawn to complain that I always seem to be wandering the halls).

With a new office, comes a new officemate, Peli from Belgium, who not only now shares an office with me, but lives around the corner from my apartment.

Wow, this has got to be the most mundane blog post ever. Sorry everybody.

07:40 | Work


what's the carpeting like on the way to the washroom? are the stalls roomy? towels? paper towels? hand-dryers, with or without push-button activation?

Posted by: ian at March 15, 2005 6:20 PM

At least you wander the halls with your pants on ...

Posted by: Shawn at March 16, 2005 2:07 PM

I want those 20 seconds back.

And I intend to collect.

See you Saturday.

Posted by: Dav at March 16, 2005 2:45 PM

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