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October 11, 2006

Goodbye Little Ruby

On Saturday my dad called me with some sad news. My parents' 6-month old puppy Ruby died over the weekend. She had eaten some hard plastic, and died due to internal bleeding.

Although I met Ruby only once, I saw the joy she brought to my parents, and I know my parents' home will not be the same without her. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to know her better.

08:04 | Family


that is really too bad.

sorry, lyon family :(

Posted by: dav at October 11, 2006 9:17 AM

My thoughts are with them, being that my family recently suffered the same loss twice in a short period of time. It doesn't get easier, whether you're prepared for it or not. My heart goes out to them.

Posted by: Rew at October 11, 2006 12:12 PM

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