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March 17, 2007

Now With 20% More Placenta!

I don't pretend to understand women's hair products. I'm astounded every time I walk though my drugstore's hair product aisle. There are creams to straighten hair, sprays to lighten, conditioners to add "volume", and rows upon rows of small boxes of dye featuring disembodied heads with hair blowing in some unnatural photo studio breeze. But yesterday I saw what was perhaps the weirdest product of all: Henna 'n' Placenta.

Yes folks, it contains real animal placenta , for that right-from-the-salon look. On the one hand, props to them for putting the word Placenta in big bold letters, and not giving it some fruity name like "Nature's Goodness (may contain placenta)". On the other hand, why the cute 'n'? Is it an attempt to soften the blow that you're dousing your head in real animal placenta?

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'cause baby, you're worth it!

Posted by: Ian at March 18, 2007 1:25 PM

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