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May 14, 2007

No Blood For Oil - Agree or Disagree?

I've been a Flexcar member for a few years now, and support the idea of shared cars, and have been relatively happy with the service. I was digging through some old emails the other day, and came upon a survey they had sent me when I first joined. I expected questions along the lines of "How many miles do you commute?" or "How often do you take public transportation?". Instead I got a very... pessimistic set of questions to answer. Here's a selection of the most out-there:

  1. Concern for the public good has nothing to do with signing up for a car-sharing service like Flexcar.
  2. People in the US are too greedy and materialistic.
  3. This country is going down the tubes.
  4. Sometimes the only way to fix a severe problem is to let government come in and solve it.
  5. It's important to get your piece of the action before the next guy does.
  6. There are too many gas-guzzling cars on the road.
  7. When big things have to be done, you have to turn to important and powerful figures to get them done.
  8. I'm not a very active person.
  9. The US is hogging the world's natural resources.
  10. There are absolute rights and wrongs, and nobody can tell me different.

I wonder what you would have to answer to get your application denied...

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you forgot this survey question:
11. back in my day, gay meant happy and people wore rubbers on their feet.

Posted by: bonnie at May 16, 2007 3:30 PM

1. Yes. er um, I mean no. um...
2. Yes, they are "too" greedy and materialistic.
3. Yes. Which country?
4. What, like war stuff? Cost of bread? Labour disputes? Um..yes.
5. Before the next guy gets my piece? um..Yes.
6. Define "guzzling" if you mean "using" then yes.
7. is that like question 4? ok...now I'm answering no.
8. I don't know you. Thanks for sharing though.
9. Somewhat disagree.
10. yes, no one can tell you different
11. Bonnie is old....so very old....

Posted by: Ian Henderson at May 17, 2007 12:15 PM

Take the Pledge

All Presidential Candidates should make pledges like those below. If they refuse, then you should refuse to vote for them.

1. No More Oil Wars.

2. Work for independence from foreign oil on day one.

3. No more wars for corporate profit.

4. No more secret deals for $4 per gallon gas.

5. No more Chicken Hawks promoting wars of choice when they themselves avoided combat.

6. Make government green--if you can't make what you have the most control over green, I don't care about your plans to make the country green.

7. No more torture.

8. No more lying about torture.

9. No more re-defining torture.

10. No more drunken hunting.

11. No more secret deals with big corporations to divide up the spoils before the war even starts.

Posted by: Poetry at May 29, 2007 6:15 PM

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