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January 28, 2002

That's Me Herc, That's Me

Just when I thought things were going badly enough. Co-op hasn't updated the interview list since Friday. I may be missing an interview as I type this, I don't know. Hopefully they update tomorrow morning, probably about half an hour before my interview.

Hell Week is getting worse. I just found out in my Greek Myth course that the midterm (thought to be multiple choice) will in fact be fill-in-the-blanks and an essay question. And we have to get the spelling of all the ancient Greek names right (like Erichthonios, who was born from the earth when Athene wiped her would-be rapist's semen from her leg onto the ground).

It is an interesting course though. I learned that centaurs came to be after some guy had intercourse with a cloud. And let's not forget about "The Erotic Adventures of Hercules" where he fucks 50 different girls in as many nights (on some accounts, all in one night). And they say today's kids are growing up without decent role models.

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