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February 22, 2002

Loneliness And Cheeseburgers

So I'm sitting at my computer, working hard on my Computer Networking assignment, when I read the course newsgroup and find out the assignment has been postponed by almost a week. This is usually a good thing, except in this case it totally shattered my will to continue working. This was supposed to be Hell Week Part Deux, with no less than three CS assignments due, but ever since reading that posting, the procrastination gremlins (who until now, I had successfully fought back) bound and gagged my determination, rendering me a useless mass who would rather watch Star Trek:TNG reruns than even glance at the assignment again. (Oh Data, will you ever learn to be human?)

As if that wasn't bad enough, I have the whole apartment to myself tonight, the perfect environment for late-night programming and shouting profanities at my computer. Instead, I sat for a night of watching the Tee-Vee with the knowledge that even if I wanted to drag my unshaven, homework-clothes-wearing self out of the apartment, all my friends would be home with their parents for reading week.

I think I'll just curl up with a book and go to bed. Am I the only one who's actually reading during Reading Week? Am I that much of a nerd? Oh yeah, the Star Trek thing. Never mind.

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