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March 13, 2002

Blog Stalked!

I'm sure you've all read my Blog Stalker rambling. If you haven't, then this entry will make little sense. Oh hell, it's pretty weak even if you do know what I'm talking about. Anyway...

I seem to have a Blog Stalker of my own. Apparently the girl Ryan is currently seeing (dare I say his girlfriend?) has been taking it upon herself to learn a little bit more about him, so she did what any Information-Age citizen would do: she looked him up on the web. She came across Ryan and my horribly outdated online journal from Japan. Any of you who have ever read it knows that Ryan lost interest in contributing about halfway though, but I courageously continued, telling the world of the evils of Hello Kitty, and to beware of Japanese toilets.

It appears she is captivated by my, shall we say "unique" writing abilities and has been reading all about my adventures. Now that was all well and good until I met her the other day. According to Ryan, she's usually a friendly chatty person, but not yesterday. When Ryan saw me and waved me over from across the Math C&D, she immediately became flustered and covered her face with her hands (lest I recognize her? I've never seen her before!). She barely said two words to me the entire time I was there. She is now an "acquaintance", in the loosest sense. I don't know anything about her, but she knows a lot about me. She has become my Blog Stalker. She may even be reading this blog right now...

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