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September 13, 2002

Let's Get Physical

The beginning of the new academic year always brings interesting adventures: spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks (this was a cheap term, only $350); seeing the wide-eyed Frosh (first-year students) wander lost through the Math and Computers building; and of course my favorite, my annual physical at the Health Services building.

I'll spare you the boring, penetrating details, but there were a couple of priceless moments:

Doctor: "You have textbook blood pressure."

Doctor: "Any recent surgery?"
Me: "Yes, I just had my wisdom teeth out last week."
Doctor: "Have you been eating well?"
Me: "Yes, now that I'm back on solid foods."
Doctor: "Why weren't you eating solid foods!?"
Me: "Because I just had my wisdom teeth out."
Doctor: "Right..." (scribbles furiously)

Doctor: "And this... is your prostate's glandular lumina."
Me: (wincing) "Uh-huh"

You should all be happy to know that I'm doing fine. I'm healthy, feeling good, and already overwhelmed with homework. Hooray!

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