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July 31, 2003

One Big Rant

This is the weblog of Chris Lyon, Microsoft employee, loving son and brother, boyfriend extraordinaire. This is a place for you to be entertained by my daily rants about home, school, work, and probably you. It's a place for me to show the world that a computer science grad need not be a big geek with no life... I have a life.

I don't want to scare anyone away. This site is not all about computer geeky stuff like Star Trek and C++ and Magic: the Gathering. No, it's fun for the whole family (except young children, parents and the elderly). I try not to insult anybody directly, but you'll find my university career has left me a cynical, bitter, loveless man with little patience for life's little inconveniences. And what better place to put my crack-head opinions than on the Internet?

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