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July 22, 2004

On Hiatus for Retooling

In case any of you are wondering what happened to my blog, here's the story. For those of you who don't care about my blog, take a look at some pictures I took while in Europe last month.

The company that was until recently hosting my website, decided one weekend (the last weekend in May, I believe) to upgrade their servers to a different operating system. Unfortunately, they did not inform their customers of the upgrade, denying us the opportunity to make backups in case something went wrong.

As you have probably guessed, something went wrong. The upgrade broke Movable Type, the blogging software I was using, leaving me unable to log in to create new entries or back up the current ones. After much complaining to the company, and seeing as they weren't going to help me out, I decided to abandon ship. I signed up with a new host, with the intent of resuming my blog once I got all my files copied over. I tried copying all my files down from the old host's servers, but the servers were flakey, I only got a small portion of my blog.

So that leaves me with a plain text backup of my old blog and a new server that, unfortunately, doesn't support Movable Type (or any of the major blogging tools). I'm working hard to find a solution so I can get One Big Rant back up and ranting.

I am not against the idea of getting a new new server, but am trying to work with my current one for a solution. Stay tuned!

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