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April 15, 2005

Two Years, Two Lbs

Yesterday was my two-year anniversary at Microsoft, and as is the tradition, I set out two pounds of candy outside my office door for the team to enjoy. What I noticed was there are three kinds of people who take candy:

The Congratulator
Will stop by and chat, offer a hand to shake and congratulate you for not losing your job over the last x years. Upon leaving your office, will grab some candy.
The Opportunist
This person will be walking down the hall, see the bowl of candy and grab some without saying a word, or making eye contact with you. Often times it's someone who doesn't actually know you, or can't think of what to say.
The Disembodied Hand
This one is my favourite. If you watch the candy bowl, eventually there will be a hand that reaches from around a corner, silently grabs some candy, then disappears. Rumour has it the hand is actually attached to an employee.

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Gaining a pound a year is nothing to be ashamed of.

Did I miss the point?

Posted by: dav at April 18, 2005 4:48 PM

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