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April 11, 2006

Another Canadian In Japan

I got an email last week from another Canadian intern living in Japan, and he has a blog: Adam's Life In Japan. About once a year I'm honoured with an email from a new Waterloo Gaijin who stumbled on my Japan blog. Adam is actually planning a trip to the Japan Alps, and will be stopping in the beautiful city of Matsumoto. I'm glad to know that painstakingly describing every Japanese adventure continues to amuse, confuse and waste the valuable office time of other travelers.

Someone asked me recently if I'd be willing to drop everything and ship myself off to a foreign country for a year again. Whenever I get asked this question, I like remind people that I'm already living in a foreign country, and usually get rolled eyes as a response. But seriously, if I were offered a one-year contract in, say, Turkey (for randomness sake), and had my current job to come back to, I would probably take it.

Luckily for me, this part of North America has a large Japanese population, so I can get my Hello Kitty products at Uwajimaya, sushi in Seattle's International District, and, if I'm feeling brave enough to try one of my favourites from Japan, basashi in Vancouver!

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Basashi is raw horse isn't it? We were gonna eat it before JLPT in Fukuoka but I think everyone chickened out (even the Koreans who brag about dog) Are they seriously allowed to serve that in Canada?

Chris - you left out an important part of japan! THE GIRLS! :P j/k

Posted by: Para-Chris at April 13, 2006 12:41 AM

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