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March 26, 2002

One Big Rant

I've been trying to decide what this blog is supposed to be all about. I'd like to find a nice balance between the introspective and the trite. If I had more time, I would write more Misc. Ramblings, but I don't. I have a couple in the works, including a vulgar rant about (not) getting my passport (along with an insightful critique of the lack of communication between the federal and provincial governments). I'm also working on the first of a series of Spam Reviews.

Basically I don't want this site to be an account of what kind of sandwich I ate that day, or how much I love Abby on ER. I want people to read my site, then say to themselves "That Chris guy sure sounds smart. And funny. Man, I'd love to be his friend." Either that, or have me committed.

So, what's my point? It's hard to find a direction for this site, when I can't even think of a good title. So I think I'm going with One Big Rant for a title. My Internet identity crisis is soon over. Now if only someone could cook up a nice title graphic for the site...

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