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March 23, 2002


Here's a list so far of rejected titles for this website (yes, I'm actually still looking for a title, albeit not trying very hard. Help me.):

101 Damnations
Witty? Yes. Cute? Perhaps. It feels a little too tongue-in-cheek. Like my website is so bad not only do I bash Disney, but I deserve to be sent to hell. I don't think of myself as a devil of some sort, nor do I think of this website as such a damnable thing to sentence me to an eternity of hellish torture (NOTE: Do not click the preceding link).
Natural Log
Just because I'm in math, doesn't mean I like to flaunt it. For those of you non-mathies reading this, the natural log of a number x is the log base e of x. Got that? According to Dr.Math it's called "natural" because "...e just naturally shows up again in growth problems, and in some statistics problems too...". I don't know about statistics problems, but I didn't see much e when I was having problems growing up. Maybe that was part of the problem...
The Lyon's Den
No. Besides, it's already taken by some girl from California who calls herself The Lyonesse. She also likes monster trucks.
The I Love Froggies Page
Sorry Ang.

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