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August 13, 2002

I'm #1

According to Google, I am the #1 Chris Lyon on the Internet. Go on, see for yourself. That's right, my web presence has beaten out that of Chris Lyon, High School Wrestler; Chris Lyon, Rock n' Roll Vocalist; and even the Reverend Chris Lyon who survived what he described to be "a serious bun-fight". It takes a special kind of person whose popularity can soar above and beyond these outstanding individuals. Also among the ranks of the lesser Chris Lyons, a real estate agent in Boise Idaho and a female lecturer at Utah State University.

After playing around with Google for a while, I wondered if a domain with my name had already been taken. Of course it had! (now taken down) And what kind of site is it? Some kind of really sketchy chat site (check out the girl in cam 1). I signed up just for fun but haven't got any confirmation email yet. But I'm not worried. I know Chris Lyon the Pornographer won't let me down.

I just realized that now a search in Google for "Chris Lyon the Pornographer" will return this site. Let the good times roll!

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