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September 28, 2002

A Lesson We'll Never Forget

Thursday's Japanese lesson provided us with a special treat: a cartoon to help teach us grammar.

Nighttime. A sheep and a gorilla are standing next to a telescope. A single star is shining brightly in the sky.
Sheep: "I want to look at that star."
Gorilla: "I don't know whether or not we can look at the star."
The gorilla looks in the telescope.
Gorilla: "Ah. It is possible to look at the star."
The gorilla sees a man sitting on a chair, on the moon. The man is drinking coffee.
Gorilla: "Someone is there."
The gorilla lowers the telescope so the sheep can see.
Sheep: "Eh..."
The sheep sees the same man on the moon.
Sheep: "It is true. Let's yell out, and he will hear us."
Gorilla: "Hmm. It is very far. I don't know whether or not he will hear us."
Sheep: "Baaaa!"
The sheep and gorilla wait for a response.
Sheep: "No good."
Gorilla: "Good! Whoa!"
The gorilla yells so loud, the words come out of his mouth, fly across space and hit the man on the moon. The moon then crashes into the Earth.
The End.

I think we can all learn some important life lessons from that cartoon.

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