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September 26, 2002


On Monday, the new Peter Gabriel album, Up was finally released. It's been about ten years since his last album, Us, came out, and I've been waiting ever since. I fell in love with PG's music when I was 6 years old and saw the Sledgehammer and Big Time videos on TV. What kid doesn't love clay-mation and dancing dead chickens?

Angela phoned me while I was sitting in the dentist's chair to tell me the news: Peter Gabriel was coming to Toronto. Sweet! Angela had bought a video of a show on his Us tour (Secret World), and it was fantastic. Revolving stage, cool effects, props, lots of musicians, and most of all, it was clear he was having a great time. So would I pass up this opportunity to go see the man whose music I've loved since I was a child? Would I miss the chance to see the concert I've been waiting for a decade to see?

Of course I would. I'll miss it for a stupid exam for a stupid, stupid course.

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