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September 8, 2002

The Pain, The Pain Of It All

As promised, a Misc Rambling all out my wisdom teeth extraction and the blinding pain that followed, entitled They Stole My Teeth! Damn, I've been in a lot of pain the past few days. I haven't even been outside to enjoy the 30°C weather. I've just been sitting at home in my pyjamas sweating all day.

Actually, I have been doing something else with my time besides munching codeine pills like they were M&Ms. I decided to dust off my Bugzilla account, download the latest nightly build of Mozilla and start helping out again. Since I've been back, I've resolved about 40 bugs. How the project survived without me for so long is beyond me. I feel another rant coming on...

I finally decided to buy my own domain name. Once I get the necessary server voodoo taken care of, you will be able to access this fine weblog via http://www.cplyon.ca/ (don't bother trying yet, it won't work). It's slightly easier to remember than my current 45-character URL, as well as being a little more personal, and a little more Canadian.

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