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September 9, 2002

Unequal But Opposite Reaction

For every good thing that happens to me, it seems like an even worse thing follows. Take today for example:

Good Thing:
My packages finally arrived, albeit a little banged up.
Bad Thing:
I found out today that the cashier's cheque I brought back from the US and deposited into my Canadian account last Tuesday needs 30 days to clear.

30 days to clear a certified cheque! All the money I have is sitting in my account, but it's on hold until October. So I called up my financial institution and spoke to a very friendly representative who put me in touch with his very annoyed-sounding supervisor. After giving her all my American banking information, she hung up to try to negotiate some deal with her superiors and the American bank.

This story does have a happy ending. She called me back and told me I now have access to one third of my money, and the rest is on its way. The kicker is that I phoned before I got this cheque and asked if there would be any complications depositing it. The representative at the time assured me that there would be no problems and I would soon be on my way to financial nirvana.

The supervisor told me she had no record of that call ever being made. I guess it's another case of some random miscreant answering phones and talking to customers.

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